Our story, from 1910

Our family has been cultivating the lands adjacent to the banks of the Po, in the territories of Zerbo, Spessa and San Zenone al Po, since the early 1900s. The area has been reclaimed over the centuries by the hard work of the farmers and thanks to the wealth and widespread distribution of irrigation water it is able to return agricultural products of the highest quality and tasting value.

The company today

The Berneri brothers

Our rice is the story of the family: from father Giancarlo, who tilled the first fields to produce the precious cereal, up to us, who grew up playing with tractors and wetting our ankles in the rice fields. Today we produce with modern equipment, but the care is still the ancient one, handcrafted and made of passion.

The countryside has always been our life: from an early age we pretended to drive the tractor when it was in storage and we went to the rice fields to wet our ankles and splash water on them. The link with this land and its fabulous fruits still continues.
We produce rice and flour with passion and love.

Maria Luisa, Ombretta, Roberto e Sergio Berneri

The products

The territory

Our agricultural lands, dedicated to the cultivation of rice and corn, are located in the fertile territory of San Zenone al Po, at the confluence of the Olona River with the great Po River. These lands, naturally rich in water, are the cradle of culinary traditions . San Zenone was the birthplace of the journalist Gianni Brera (1919-1992), who praised the winemaking qualities of Oltrepò Pavese and of the family of the famous chef Gualtiero Marchesi (1930-2017).